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Effective treatment and knowledge

A recent report by Columbia University is concerned about the inadequacies of many treatment programs for alcoholics and addicts, and the same might be true for anger as well. Many programs were developed over half a century ago and follow dictates of the fifties. Since then there have been medical or scientific breakthroughs that can supplant earlier assumptions.

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Years ago no supplement was allowed for alcohol treatment it was all by total dependence on some a program that would not allow for any chemical support. Today many programs have supplementary drugs permitted, such as some SSRI’s. In anger too early treatment would encourage some experiential punching the pillow as a way of letting it out, or they became very focused on techniques but never looking at the causes of a person’s anger. People would be told a lot of facts but not make any connection about themselves

Current anger management focuses on impulse control and emotional intelligence, domestic abuse originally was a feminist program based on the Minnesota model but now contains attachment challenges. Research into brain functioning is forcing questions about clinical assumptions and what that means in human decision making and healing. In some ways it is ironic that the new mindfulness techniques of meditation were invented thousands of years ago.

Today’s textbook will not be tomorrow’s textbook. The bottom line is the human brain is designed to work for some harmonious preservation of the species. The bottom line is we never have all the answers. People who are angry often think they know everything, and in truth may know very little

Source:NY Times


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