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Women in combat, what is this telling us?

The world is changing. Oh for those days when she would have our meal ready when we got back from  work, or she was interested in what we felt rather than telling us about her day. Women in combat means they are no longer  regarded as pretty dingbats but have similar powers and needs as we do.

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Men in anger  management have a hard time respecting women for who they are and what they can do. Doubtless there will be endless arguments about the relative physical strength of men verses women. But are they competent to handle modern weaponry and equipment? On a team can they be trusted to be for the team, live with the creed of leaving no one behind.

Men spend a lot of time about what women cant do and wont do should be doing And less on their positive attributes except whether they are good in bed or attractive to show off to other guys.

In many areas they bring some added qualities. In business the have been found to get into less risky financial situations than men. (Of course there are exceptions). They have different skills in negotiation. Presumably women are used where they can produce the maximum benefit to the operation.

Years ago women became cops. Funny while we may hate their power we respect their authority. No one in their right mind says she  cannot issue a ticket. A smart man will look at what she can do not what she can’t do. That is in the war operation or in the kitchen, the same rules apply. Each side have tasks to do and brings to the table of what works.

Source:Gobe  and Mail



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