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Father’s day reflection

249 father-son-pubAll men are sons, we have that in common. We all have had fathers and some still do. When we

think of dad what comes up?





What would one word be to describe dad? His legacy is he would be described as …..! What did that teach us? Do we repeat that today in our lives. What do we wish we had had more of? Time? Warmth real connection?  what do we wish we had less of? criticism, threats, being ignored.

How did dad treat your mother? What do you do that is similar to what he did? Or what do you differently consciously and why. We are who we are because of him. Is that easy to swallow? Does that make us proud or embarrassed?

One described his dad like an oak. Could you describe your dad with some tree or  animal that would embrace what you felt or saw about him

Has there been forgiveness or thanks for who he was. Given the way he was can you ask yourself why he was that way. What were his desires? Fears? Victories? Losses?

Have there been patterns in your relationship? Were you close then not close. If you never knew your father what do you think he was like, and were there other male substitutes? How would he describe you today? Are you OK with that?

What are the qualities you admire about him? What are the qualities you admire about yourself?

They don’t have to be same, but they are what they are because of him. Can you honour him for that?


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