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Handling rage

Rage is  a common emotion of men in anger management that probably began when they were very young. The child at two goes into tantrums and rage, lashing out at anything in his way. His brain is overwhelmed with frustration that letting out is his best way of dealing with the emotion. Not getting his way he feels destroyed. This can happen when he doesn’t get enough attention, narcissistic rage is a  cry “Notice  me!” His rage is not directed at anybody but just at anybody. Often a small event triggers something out of proportion to the trigger. It’s not rational but it is very real

 Serbia Rage Room










In the adult world we see it on the roads, at airports or often when dealing with an insensitive person such a government employee like a parking attendant. Any thing is OK except the consequences. Then what?

What to do with it? In this incident in Serbia children are let loose in a room to vent with as much destruction as they can muster. Does it work? Ask the children. Often we feel the need to vent, some say it doesn’t deal with the issue and others say there is a need. It is sometimes helpful to have a task which can incorporate the frustration such as chopping wood with a vengeance. In men’s groups men have the option of the ‘push’ where a man pushes against a dozen men and vents whatever  is coming up. Like everything in life if it is used judicially it has its uses, but if over used it bites the man in tail.

Source: National Post


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