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National loathings and its personal cost

A recent vacation in Europe validated that each generation inherits the anger of its parents carrying hatred of one group to another. It is as if it were in the genes. Each generation perpetuates its resentments by making a list of all that is wrong with the other race. The origins of these prejudices go back to wars of previous generations.

225 Bitterness

Look at the loathing between British and Irish, the Finns and the Poles against the Russians, the French against the Germans. And so it goes on. The current antipathy between Jews and Arabs, Muslims and Christians almost serves that the human race is wired for mistrust and dislike. It can go from resentment to ungratefulness. In England in the second world war Americans were seen as brash and were characterized as being “Over paid, over sexed and over here”

In some anger management classes there are undercurrents of this but surprisingly they get downplayed as it is in no one’s interest to open old wounds. Being such a multi-cultural mix forces some level of tolerance. There are always good reasons for one race to mistrust another: they are too brash, too arrogant, too surely, too pushy, too cold, too untrustworthy, and too loud. The fear’s and unconscious memories of yesterday govern today’s interpretations.

What’s the purpose of making the other wrong? Making them wrong perpetuates a belief without having to examine it.

  The problem of making the other person wrong puts one into being a victim. That serves no purpose. The harder question is to how to tolerate another person’s habits which are found to be obnoxious without making them wrong. Do they have a right to be different? Do you have a right to be different from them? Look at you from their point of view and ask the same questions. See where that leads.


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