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White boy posse

Young white boys are often homophobic, racist, misogynistic, and full of hate and practice violence there is a growth of neo Nazism that emerges out of poverty and unemployment that is looking for victims who are vulnerable and they become trophies for their need for a rush. Many raised in single family homes have witnessed violence and see it as a natural way to live. They join and work in gangs and are successful at making money from the drug trade. Their identity is tied to separateness from the mainstream.

182 teenage boy






In anger management their racism is muted because there many non whites in the group. They are very hostile to authority. Unfortunately their brains are not fully developed so they have a hard time relating to rational thought when it conflicts with their emotional drives.

 Some of the smarter ones are able to watch and listen to the older men who can talk about their own struggles with authority or with women and have some relating to what they hear. They are able to see the need for connection with a world they feel alien to.  Some do get it, but then leave and get swallowed up in the culture they know. Other leave as angry as they came in still consumed with vengeance and the need to exercise their power.

It is easy to resent their brash arrogance, but underneath they harbor deep wounds which are difficult for them to acknowledge.

Source:Toronto Star


One comment on “White boy posse

  1. I don’t support any kind of Nazi beliefs but I AM sick to death of this immigrant push that is being forced down our throats, my great grandfather did NOT die in WW2 to stop Nazi invaders just so OUR generation can hand over Canada to other invaders. these immigrants don’t even bother to learn our languages properly then request translators at OUR tax expense, they build there ugly temples that have nothing to do with Canadian values and sell drugs do polygamy and use up welfare/ medical and every service available that MY ancestors paid into for countless generations so that there own family and fellow Canadians could have, NOT for men from Africa and Muslims from Pakistan to use up. So if this gang were to drop the Nazi crap I would be 100% fully supportive of them, and selling dope? if the white boys gota do it to make some cash and get the advantage on samolian / chines gangs that should not even exist in Canada then so be it.

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