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Generally the presence of a rogue personality in an anger management group will enliven things. They are often outgoing, bright, sometimes charming and articulate. They have a ‘don’t care’ attitude as they operate outside of the box. Often ‘driven’ their decisions can be very successful and then  leading to terrible losses. In anger they can be very intense, volatile and full of hatred wanting extreme revenge which is what gets them into trouble. In relationships they are dismissive and vindictive.They have a sense of entitlement which gives them added energy to pursue their goals.


178 rogues

Women are attracted by their high testosterone levels, which implies high fertility. There is an excitement which is in itself challenging. The downside is the rogue by definition is crafty and often looking for the shortcut, seeing life as self serving. He is driven with  lot of anxiety which produces an excessive amount of cortisol which makes smart  decision often  unlikely. Risks are ignored and because of the cortisol there is a lot of negativity despite the charm. When upset there are no brakes, there is no learning only a need to right the perceived wrong. Deep down there is a lot shame which precludes being objective about their lives and seeing their mistakes as mistakes not as the end of the world.

 Their level of frustration is expressed through their aggression. Their need to get even constantly gets them into trouble.

Source: Economist


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