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The cost of easy money

Money issues are one of the biggest contentious areas of disagreement, and they are not made easier if the man is naïve about money. The two areas that can cause run away problems are payday loans and gambling. The former gets misused as a form of ongoing credit with no sense of the cost or where it is taking them. At some point in life many people run into money issues, and the smart ones are able to put the problem into perspective and get real about the financial disciplines and live within their means. Others look for an escape not wanting to face their reality and end up compounding their problems. What is it that prevents them from resoling their problems? Often it is compounded by depression which leads to more running away.

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The other area is gambling, which like any addiction causes chaos and pain. The gambler is driven by illusion there is an easy fix  to finding money. They are urged forward by their anticipation of a win. They have no impulse control. Gambling institutions know the odds that the institution is going to win. Gamblers think they can walk on water. In both cases the men are easy prey to professionals.

Shortage of money  can lead to destructive fights, mismanaged money will always lead to grief and fights. They become shark fodder. The paradox in anger management if they get charged it will cost them additional funds  to bail themselves out. Funds they don’t have. Their nightmare continues and their families pay for it.

Source: Globe  and Mail


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