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Underemployment driving ‘excessive’ anxiety among young workers

An emerging trend is anxiety among younger workers because of the lack of job opportunities. We see in anger management an increase in the number of younger clients that come in who are in a state of overwhelm with worry which then gets turned onto dumping or worse on their girlfriends.

170 stressed-man





Now 40% of health claims from insurance is related to mental health problems, and this is up from previous years. It is a twofold problem (a) there is little work and (b) they have unpaid debts which then worry about. Their self worth is in question as no one wants them in, so there is an added sense of rejection and no way out.

How does anger management help? Looking at the world through the eyes of Emotional Intelligence will help them focus on what is real and what is not. Many have arrived in young adulthood with few coping skills. There is a left over from the past of needing to look good in the eyes of others. This usually is seen with the continuing need to ‘keep up with the Jones’. So they spend money they don’t have.

Sadly they are looking for it to be done for them. Having been provided for materially there is an unrealistic assumption that this will go on for ever. Unfortunately those with entrepreneurial skills do well in selling drugs but don’t get creative elsewhere as they see themselves as successful.

Part of life is to be able to hack the rough times which means being able to ask what can I do to improve my lot. Dumping on their girlfriends keeps them stuck.

Source: Globe and Mail


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