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India’s gender violence

About a half of our clients in the anger and domestic violence classes are non white, coming mainly from the Middle East and India/Pakistan. Their numbers tell a story of what they believe is OK in their own culture. Rather than argue we take a strict non negotiable perspective that the rules in North America are vastly different and they had better wise up or else. The parallel being I come from England where people drive on the other side of the road and if I want to drive here I had better agree to the rules. And if they are smart they will start to ask why are the rules different here on gender vioence  and what are the implications.

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Often they plead ignorance which has been a convenient way of maintaining their status quo and it is salient to understand that from birth women are treated are a sub species, the boys eat better , if inconvenient the girls  are drowned at birth, obviously boys are moved into higher learning and better careers. The males chose their brides, the women are chosen. Over 50% of the boys in India feel it is OK to beat your wife and over 30% of the girls expect it as a given. And rape is regarded as a normal day to day occurrence condoned by many levels of government.

As they raise children here, particularly girls they are forced to see the rules are different, but still turn a blind eye to reality for as long as possible.  There is even a Power and Control wheel diagram designed by Muslims for Muslims to get the message across. As the non white women here get more fed up they the percentage of non whites will continue to increase.

Source: National Post


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