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Bullying and depression a lethal combination

Cyber bullying has lead to suicides as the recipients are unable to protect themselves. They are vulnerable and easy prey to sadistic bullies. Often the victim  does  make attempts to let people know how afraid they are, but unless someone takes their  attempts seriously their cries for help fall through the cracks.

163 bullying




People who end up committing suicide because of this harassment are people who are suffering from depression. Depression robs the person the ability to defend themselves and they become over whelmed by their own sense of helplessness. When a suicide occurs people say ”If only I had known” and then move on to other things.

Mental illness is not treated with the respect it demands. Likewise the bully who is some sort of psychopath, revels in other people’s suffering is as sick as the person he wants to hurt. It seems that these two opposites get drawn to each other for all the wrong reasons. We see this to a less extreme level in anger management as the angry man is drawn to the depressed woman as they play out unresolved dramas from earlier periods of their lives.

It may not sound fair but both sides are responsible for the unpleasant drama, both sides need the help of being able to look in the mirror and ask the hard questions of “Why am I doing this? ” and “Why am I letting this happen?” and then “What can I do differently to serve me in being healthy?”

Source: Toronto Star


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