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Stress in the line of duty

Recent findings indicate law enforcers (cops) have a high degree of stress resulting from trauma on the job. The toll is brutal and the authorities have been afraid to deal with it, pretending that a bit of will power will solve it. Bureaucracies denied its existence e as way of saving money. The effects of traumatic stress (PTSD) lead to serious anger outbursts in the family which can lead to  abuse charges.

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This leads to dealing with the emotional wounds that are often the cause of domestic abuse. We find in anger management there always is a history.  Abusive behavior does not just fall out of the sky, it evolves out of some earlier happening. This doesn’t justify it but it does explain it.

Part of the cure is to understand the causes and find ways to live with the trauma and function well in the today. The evidence with the police is that triggers come out of what seems trivial happenings out of nowhere. But to the individual it causes profound problems of perception leading paranoia, excessive mood swings and substance abuse. The best defense is awareness and knowing  the counteracting strategies to handle it. The mind can only hold so much and then explodes.

 The outbursts  can be  criminal acts even though there are mental health causes. Unfortunately this is the perpetrators problem , no one else is going to fix it for them. Respecting one’s limitations is an essential part of being human. The authority’s inability to address these problems is a reflection of their own inability to respect their own and others limitations.         

 Source: Toronto Star


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