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Polytechnique: the Montreal Massacre

This a painful movie to watch depicting the shootings of fourteen women in Montreal in December  1989. The men in anger management leave in quiet silence with no jolly jokes about women . A picture is worth a thousand words. The objective is to jar the men out of their complacent, dismissive attitudes which is based on talk and hearsay to something more real and pressing. It shows violence for what it is. Viewing fourteen women being executed is difficult. The minimizing of the  feminist’s fear vanish when faced with this reality. At the time as the news penetrated people that it was only women who targeted, it hit home. There have been numerous other incidents but this had a profound impact on the public’s awareness of this issue. Men don’t have a clue as to the fears women carry round with them. However when it is seen as starkly as it is portrayed, it is impossible to ignore their attitude.

 179 Polytechnique







It is difficult to imagine the mentality of a man with so much pent up hatred and resentment of other’s successes. Carrying a deep sense of being victimized by the other sex. He had a inferiority complex, he was a loner, he was unpopular, he had failed in getting into the army, then he was rejected by Polytechnique and he blamed women for taking his place. The magnitude of the numbers killed cannot be ignored. At a more individual level the violence occurs regularly every day.

 But to a lesser level it goes on all the time; someone’s driving badly, “Oh it’s a woman what can you expect?”This reinforces  prejudice, which grows out of something small into something more hideous.




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