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Inside the Mind of Worry

Anger management clients show  a high preponderance to worry which leads them to be more anxious than they need to be which in turn leads them to be more  angry than they need to be

 157 Worry

Research is showing that the brain has a choice of evaluating a situation to show either  a positive or  a negative interpretation. There are competing organs in the brain that turn out in some cases opposite messages. The situation looks good versus the situation look bad. The organ that produces negative thoughts (the amygdala) is much more powerful than the other organ.(the frontal cortex) A healthy person is able to recognize when a  too hasty negative decision has been made and pull back. An unhealthy (emotionally) person will automatically choose the negative without examination. Like a bull in a china shop it is automatic, leading to worry, anger and worse.

The anger management component requires consciously looking at one’s thought to see if there are patterns of too much worry. It means questioning the evidence and making an objective decision. This requires an acknowledgement of what has been going on and to see if these negative  patterns are occurring. Then it requires getting serious about how hasty decision making is hurting one self and then making an effort to consciously dig for an alternative that would be less negative.

Like going to the gym, that implies commitment and practice. Hoping it would change without getting one’s hand dirty and doing the work is wishful thinking leading nowhere.

Source  New York Times


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