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Rethinking sleep

Many clients in anger management complain about being irritable a lot of the time because they don’t get enough sleep. It is interesting to note that it easier for them to complain about not getting enough sleep rather than finding ways to get more sleep

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Research is showing that some industries have higher preponderance of lack of sleep than others. Mining and insurance have between 25 and 40% saying they don’t get enough sleep. We all know what it is like to toss and turn all night, waking up with itchy eyes and a knowing that we just had a rotten night. Those who do shift work also have interrupted sleep patterns.

The belief is we need eight hours of uninterrupted sleep to fully recover. Well do we? This idea has only been around for about a hundred years and presumably people got less or more before hand. Certainly modern stress means we go to bed with over active brains. Our leisure is filled with hours of being in front of the computer or the TV set which does nothing to relax us. Reading for example unwinds the brain much more than TV. So could we be doing more to protect ourselves in getting enough sleep? Some cultures promote afternoon naps or siestas. Other allow for sleep in chunks of four or five hours. The brain needs breaks to filter out information. Taking twenty minutes off does a great deal to revive the mind.

If  lack of sleep is a serious problem then one needs to get serious in finding a solution. That’s the responsibility, of the sleepless irratble  man, no one else’s.

Souce: New York Times


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