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Couples without children, a new trend

There is a trend today and probably in many countries of moving a life of not having children. Today just over 40% have children and just under don’t have children. This trend began in the 70’s with the rise of feminism. Economic pressures have lead to couples marrying much later, and having fewer or no children. There is much more awareness today of the costs of having children, not just emotional but financial as well. Plus the divorce rate of 44% says a lot. And there are now lots options to fill the space.





Some decry the space as “Living in a vacuum” a life of selfish pleasures, of trying to look ‘forever young’. Now 20% of women will never have children. If the trend continues what then? And what is the trend saying? Certainly we see in anger management the end result of too much stress. There is too much stress; a combination of competitiveness along with consumerism is a recipe for dissatisfaction. The old constraints of ‘war, famine, pestilence and disease’ have to a large extent gone and now there are so many alternatives and options.

Destructive anger reflects a disconnect, people are not grounded enough. Historically there was always some higher or larger purpose that seems to be slipping away. There are disturbing patterns; that imply anger; more stress, an epidemic of depression and obesity and now along comes less babies. Is there an overwhelm that people running away from?

Source: National Post


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