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Criminal thinking and low self esteem

We have clients in anger management for criminal thinking, these are low risk clients  who have grow ops for pot or are low grade  fraud artists. Ask them “Why are you here?” and they retort they “got caught.” Then ask  “Why did you do it? comes the answer “It was easy money “.Unfortunately it goes deeper than  that.

It indicates a contempt for society, that anything goes if I am satisfied. It is a win lose game where I win and you lose. If I take your money that is too bad. Often they will impersonalize it with no connection between themselves their victim. Their relationship with others is non existent, the role of others is to provide free money.

While there maybe a swagger on the surface, it is helpful to ask the purpose of wanting to be contemptuous of society. Why is there a need to hurt someone to be successful? The contempt stems from some deep seated belief that the world is an enemy and is there for the pickings. It evolves from the feeling of being exploited to wanting to exploit back. Holding the world in low regard mirrors a self image of holding oneself in low regard.

It takes a while to get to this, and the real work requires looking at the origins and depth of the low self regard. This is hard, yet until this point is reached there is no motivation and all their learning is in how not to get caught again.


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