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Drug policy: an unresolved conundrum

At least half anger issues have a drug or alcohol component. Which one thing then is a given; drugs and alcohol help cause relationship conflict. The question is so where do we go from here? No one seems to have answer, or everyone has a conflicting answer which has resolved very little.









Taking drugs or alcohol is a way of escaping from life’s problems. It can start off innocuously with using marijuana. One school says if pot smokers don’t harm anybody why not let them do it? Another say any drugs lead to more drugs and end up on the wrong side of the law and effect society’s safety. So any drug taking is bad. This sounds good until the cost of that is reviewed. It cost $40k to lock someone up, and only costs $10k to treat them. Would it be better to spend money on treatment as this will cost less?

Beyond that focusing on the war on drugs seems to promote criminal organizations who profit greatly from its illegality which creates an industry in itself. Injection sites can reduce health problems. Depending on who you ask they either do or do not ruin neighborhoods. The harder the drug the less functional is the user.

Tobacco use is declining because a major health promotion that says its use is harmful. Health authorities budgets mysteriously began to become paramount. Less smoking less disease. The same could be said for alcohol. When governments run out of money they begin to get wise. When they realise the dollar costs  of existing policies then maybe  things will get resolved.

Source: Globe  and Mail


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