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Female Muscle

There are unexpected pressures on men these days as the world’s gender politics shift. Men have had it their own way for 40,000 years but in the last 40 years the pendulum has swung and continues to swing in a different direction. This is a global phenomenon they, women,  are gaining more clout in men in many areas which is changing fundamentally the gender balance. This is particularly threatening to men in anger management who have had an unfettered rule of the roost.






How does a man adjust to his partner having a better job, than him, she brings home more money? Traditionally he made the money so he made the decisions. So what happens to his masculinity? In today’s world the new jobs are in communications for which women have generally superiority in skills. The recession hit manufacturing which hurt men more than women as it was male jobs that somehow became redundant.

Younger men may be easier to adapt to this world than older men. With high youth unemployment couples will automatically adapt when there is only one income coming in by switching roles. It is easier for him to accept responsibility to handle domestic issues than for an older man whose role has been determined  by his job. Losing it is a major blow to his elf esteem.

For the older man it requires redefining his masculinity, which in it’s simplest form mean s learning to roll with the punches. Redefining his purpose is no easy task, but he doesn’t have an option if he doesn’t want to stay angry and depressed.

Source: Economist


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