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“Grit” in relationships: the perseverance and passion for long-term goals

Many clients in anger management have quit their relationships before they  began. They got hooked for all the wrong reasons and end up blaming the other. “Grit” is a term used for looking at determination. There has to be something that is wanted, writing a book,  getting a promotion a or having a successful relationship. The latter doesn’t just happen, many sit back and wait for it to work out. They play a passive role. If there is a goal to have or be something it requires being active, to get a job requires making phone calls, visits, and seeing what is wanted. The same applies in a relationship.

No job is perfect, no relationship is perfect, there are always ups and downs. The partners have to want it. To have a successful job means being positive and realistic, which means seeing what works and maximizing that plus dealing with what Isn’t working. When good results materialise there is a result, acknowledgement, pride and celebration. How much of that goes  on in a relationship?

In work, time is spent reviewing progress. Is there the same discipline in a relationship? No business will thrive if it lives on blame, the same goes for a relationship. The wedding may be a fairy tale, but reality demands work and commitment. People succeed in life because they have grit and they fail when they don’t have grit. They have enthusiasm despite the hurdles.Relationships live and die by the same rules.


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