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Deadly sports argument a sign of the times

Two men in a bar have an argument over the quality of pitching in the Toronto Blue Jays. They disagree, they fight and one ends up dead. Unfortunately it is a classic anger confrontation where the issue gets blown out of all proportion. In anger management we see this all the time, fights about nothing. Fortunately no one gets killed. In this instance someone did. It wasn’t meant to happen. “I didn’t mean to kill him” will be the plea.






What does this tell us? When we get angry and lash out we have no idea of the consequences. Anger is the weapon to gain compliance. The universal law is to every action there is a reaction. It generally comes from where it is least expected. Angry people have only one thought, if I hit them they will agree with me. The intent, strange as it sounds is to draw people closer. It didn’t turn out as planned. One wonders why? Why should it. The angry person makes the assumption: it’s definitely going to go my way.

It is exacerbated by booze. These two were drinking so in their minds they believed their logic was clear. In reality their emotions became stronger and their reality checks disappeared.

That is very sad arrogance. A second observation is why do they have to be right? Why is it so important to have agreement? What will happen if they don’t agree with me? Somehow it was a life or death situation that agreement was essential. Except the wrong person died. Emotionally weak people are unable to live with rejection. The problem as in this case was they had too much muscle and not enough brains.

Think before you hit.

Source: Toronto Star


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