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Adolescent Pot Use Leaves Lasting Mental Deficits

Teenagers often belittle adults ‘ concern about pot use as interfering and irrelevant. However studies are showing that early use of pot, i.e. during those teenage years can have a detrimental effect on the person’s lives because it affects their IQ. The brain for a teenager is not fully formed, and for boys it is even less formed than for girls. In the teenage period the brain is being organized to be efficient in making decisions.

A recent study over a long period of time (38 years) sadly indicates those with pot dependent histories as teenagers have less memory capability and suffered attention problems . Often not  being able to focus or forgetting to do tasks. To the teenager this may sound trivial yet their IQ was lower than the mean. For those individuals that will probably mean a less fulfilling life, less income, less education and a shorter life.

It is hard for a teenager to recognize these implications. As teenagers “We knew everything” If they start using at say 13 and are taking more than once  a week, then the brain which is vulnerable gets permanently impaired. Of course teens will say “That won’t happen to me”, or they will assume that once they stop everything will revert to normal. Unfortunately the numbers don’t lie. The brain once formed, stays formed the way it is and on average pot smokers have a lower IQ by 8% . This means when smart decisions are required they wont be able to keep up. Similar studies with alcohol and nicotine indicate similar results.

The challenge is to say something that doesn’t lead to I told you so.


One comment on “Adolescent Pot Use Leaves Lasting Mental Deficits

  1. it is so hard to comment on these topic from a society point of view . but over the year my own daughters wouldnt respond to me nothing woud workl for me’ so two book came to my my mind ” wasting the waster” and ” the operation of the women upon the water” now they come to me not to fulliest but really adjusted . we need spiritual guidance in understanding the situation that not really the teenager but circumstances that are controlling them. you really have to dig deep my were gone no communication fiesty rude awakening for me thank you

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