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Simplified Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT)

This method is used a lot these days as a way of tempering our mood. The mood could be anxiety, revenge, jealousy, negativity or depression + many others. What it gets people to do is to write down on paper what the thought is, and then question it. What normally happens, we have a thought and automatically run with  it without question. We make automatic decisions without asking hard questions.

The method is in any situation a triggering thought comes up “I’m scared I’ll fail” “She has always had it in for me” “I’m going to feel awful”. Then there is a word that goes with it. I will fail leads to fear, to panic, and to hopelessness. There is one that stands out, it is very intense. Along with these thoughts  there are many immediate thoughts that provide evidence that this IS the way it is. Write them down. Then there is probably just as much evidence that could counter these automatic words. Write them down. Then evaluate and write out a measured statement that although I have these triggering thoughts it could equally be possible…….This could be” Despite expecting to fail there is evidence that when I get serious positive things happen e.g. such and such”. Write it down. Then check your mood. Has it shifted? By much? What could that mean?

The discipline is in the writing it down. This  is a successful proven method .Of course your response might be” I don’t believe it, it works for every one  else but not for me.” That is called an automatic script that needs to be challenged. Start writing and see where it  takes you.


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