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Work, anxiety and anger


There is a relationship between the workaholic and anger. The typical workaholic spends his day chasing tasks that have t o be done. The day begins at 6.30 and goes on to midnight. Always having to get another job done. He has no time for any relationship other than business.

“All work and no play make Jack a dull boy”. Along with dull is a troubled person who is operating life like the rat in the wheel, never being able to go fast enough and always finding itself at the bottom. What is the motivation? Whatever exists is not enough. There can be no relaxing because there is always more to do to catch up. The trouble is ‘catching up’ never happens. Like a carrot in front of the nose it is always just too, too far ahead.

Such a person is full of anxiety. Unfortunately everything that gets in his way is regarded as a threat. Consequently he is never happy always believing he hasn’t got enough. Many men in anger management suffer from this affliction. They have hostile and barren relationships because they are unable to unwind, and very often have been served with divorce papers with no idea why.

Despite being great performers there is an underlying sense of inadequacy. Self esteem is in the dumps. Life has no pleasures. As soon as one deal is made, it is on to the next. His anger stems from his anxiety and until the anxiety is addressed nothing will change. The inability to enjoy the rewards leads to constant dissatisfaction and a pain in the butt to be around.


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