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He was ready to kick fellow councillor ‘in the nuts’


This is the sort of dialogue we hear in anger management classes and nobody bats an eyelid. This is the sort of headline that actually came from politicians. It is not OK for our clients to behave like this but is OK for politicians to operate this way.

It is a double standard, with the police standing idly by probably bored stiff at the outburst. Theoretically politicians are there to represent us with the noble idea of compromise and good government. In reality it is a classic case of the anger cycle. One side says something, the other side takes offense and becomes more offensive which gets kicked back to the first side  and so the altercation spirals upwards and out of control. Each politician regresses emotionally from being an adult to being a child. Their cognitive distortions go wild. They are full of self justification as they get emotionally hooked on having to be right.

A five  year old is full of dramatics to get attention and has no sense of being out of line. Politicians ape this behavior with a vengeance. If politicians need some anger management then maybe anger management clients would make good politicians. And maybe that is happening anyway.

What s it about us as voters that seem to like it this way? Are they living out our own fantasies of what we would really like to do? And they do it for us, Are we disgusted or envious? Just curious.

Nigel Turner


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