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The bullying gender gap: Girls more likely to be targets

Girls are the targets of girls when it comes to bullying. While boys have the justified reputation of being physically aggressive to girls. (Which is bullying) Girls can be equally hard on other girls in amore surreptitious way. Boys are overt girls are covert.  The surprising numbers show that bullying by girls is on the increase while for boys it is declining slightly.

Where it has increased for girls is cyber-bullying. Unpleasant messages can and do hurt. About a third of girls say they have been bullied while it is 26% for boys. Boys punch and fight, girls do it under the table, setting other girls up to be embarrassed. There is a well known program in schools called SNAP which in many ways is similar to anger management for adults, teaching skills of how to get along, developing some empathy and understanding of consequences.

When parents are challenged by teaching staff about their child’s behavior they frequently go into denial, not wanting to admit there is a problem for which they may have some responsibility and influence. One has to ask what makes a girl want to be sneaky and hurt someone. Obviously she is hurting somewhere else in her life probably some unexpressed need that her parents have ignored, and wants to pass it on to someone else.

There is always a cause and a consequence with anger, it does not discriminate to either sex. It just is.

Nigel Turner


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