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My ‘Teflon’ boss blames me for his unpopular decisions

What do you do when you have a boss who makes you his shield and gofer because he is scared or incompetent to deal with difficult situations. We have clients who have blown their cool in these circumstances. They find themselves isolated and angry. They want to blame and at some point they lose it and do or say something foolish. They have kept themselves in a powerless position relative to everyone else

In anger management “How do you protect yourself?” This requires some assertiveness. If after trying unsuccessfully to engage your boss in constructive discussions it will have to be taken to a higher level. Many employees can be scared off by this, but once they have the courage to involve others they generally find they have allies.

It requires doing the homework, documentation plus some analysis of how and why the existing situation is failing the company. Higher level means that others are being affected by inefficiency of your boss. This is easier said than done. It probably finding allies at your level to give you support. It could mean going to HR, if stressed too much then are there health benefits? a union?
Otherwise you have to learn from him and develop your own ‘Teflon’, that means carrying out his wishes and saying “He says”.

Unfortunately there is not much else. Again ask yourself “How can I protect myself?’”The answer will come.The key is not to lose your cool.

Source: The Globe and Mail


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