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Cool it

Statistics show that violence and anger increase when there is a continuation of hot weather. July and August are the two months of the year when violence such as street shootings are at their highest.

What happens when it is hot outside our bodies manufacture more adrenalin to compensate for the temperature in order lower the body’s temperature. The normal temperature is 37centigrade, so when it is that warm outside particularly when the humidex readings are included the body goes into overdrive to produce more adrenalin.

When adrenalin is produced it creates stress. So when too much adrenalin is produced then much stress is produced. If tempers are not kept in check they flare up and there is a violent outburst. Often angry people ignore what is going on inside them: be it their body or their feelings. Anger management teaches self awareness. To ignore the heat when there is a history of edginess when it gets hot is naïve. It leads to bad decisions which lead to trouble


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