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Why guys are reluctant to lie on the therapist’s couch

There is a definite gender difference between men and women when it comes to mental health. Men don’t like to admit they have problems until it becomes very critical. Unfortunately they often leave it until it is too late. Men’s suicide rates are four times higher than women. The women get the diagnosis and then get the treatment. When a woman is depressed she talks to her friends and sees a doctor, a man will get aggressive, go to bar party often get drunk on his own.

The woman identifies her anxieties or depression, the man will say he is stressed. The probability is he feels sad and depressed. But he doesn’t handle it out of a feeling of shame for being perceived as mentally weak.

What seems to work on a one on one basis is specific cognitive behavior approach which has a clear structure. Otherwise men work best in a group settings. While many men complain about having to go to anger management it is one of the best therapies for men to go because of interaction between the men. The scary reality is with unemployment and divorces so high that men have less ability to cope with these pressures than women. Responding by aggression, alcoholism or suicide are not smart ways to respond these stresses.

Source: The Globe and Mail


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