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# Me Too

The explosion of the Harvey Weinstein revelations continues to draw very forceful momentum to follow up with some serious cultural shifts in attitudes towards unwanted sexual assault including now sexual assault on men (by men) as well as women.

Where is the man coming  from? Is it  a try on that could lead to something more? E.g a commitment from the other to say “yes”. Is it just a friendly poke at the crotch with a wink and “this is fun” or more seriously demanding a blow job? In all cases the man has no sense of the other beyond being an object. Connection beyond the physical is zero. Any empathy towards the other is  zero. And the advancement carries with it a sense of male entitlement. It is a very aggressive act stemming from “I want” there if I want money I rob banks if I want sex I grab it wherever it is.

Early on in society property was protected but it was not the case of women. Property of course was owned by  men so they wanted to protect it. The  woman was/is subservient, owned by men in marriage  but outside of marriage, they are fair game.

In the western world now most institutions are becoming under the to microscope. The  women will continue to push hard, with the support of some men (including the writer) things will/are changing. A large percentage of men will go deaf, secretly longing for this to be  passing fad.

In anger management sexual assault is an aggressive act for which there should be zero tolerance.

Source: The Guardian